Jake Schork Management

Jake Schork Management

What is your role with SOLV? I am a Project Engineer. I just graduated from Cal Poly SLO with a degree in Construction Management. I help the Project Managers manage some of the projects.

What was your dream job when you were growing up? I wanted to be a professional athlete. Mainly a Wide Receiver for the Raiders or a Goalie for the LA Galaxy, I couldn’t decide haha.

What celebrity do people say you look like? I’ve had someone tell me I look like Elijah Wood and another person tell me I look like Justin Timberlake with frosted tips hahaha maybe that’s my Halloween costume next year.

If you were asked to teach a class on any topic, what class would you teach? I would teach/coach a volleyball team. I’ve always wanted to try coaching and volleyball is one of my favorite sports.

What’s one of your favorite phrases or quotes? I think it was Henry Ford who said “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.” It’s a good reminder to be confident in yourself and your ability, and to always strive to take on new challenges because you “think you can”.