Theodore Daniels Operations

Theodore Daniels Operations

What is your role with SOLV? On the SOLV team I’m a Solar Technician with the opportunity to be my own supervisor in an employee-owned company. Even though we are in a small area I think of it as my part of a larger franchise.

Who would you switch places with at SOLV? It is hard to say what the ideal job in a large company would be. Everyone works so hard to help in their individual areas of expertise. If I had to choose someone to switch with, it would be anyone in San Diego due to the heat in the Central Valley.

If you could meet anyone in the world for coffee, who would you choose? Anyone that I served with in the United States Navy, I would love to chat about the things we accomplished and see how I affect their lives.

What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever worked on? Jet aircraft in the Navy. Nothing like seeing a fully loaded Jet going off the CATS during war because you stayed up 18 hours straight locating and re-wiring it. Then, you get the honor of launching it off the ship. 

What’s one of your favorite phrases or quotes? My Grandfather would always tell me “it is hard to talk and listen”. He would say try to listen more than talking, you might learn something.

What is your favorite sports team? Indianapolis Colts! I lost a bet to my son over who would have the best record, so for a year I have to be a Raiders fan.