Making Our Mark

As a company and a corporate family, we believe that it’s our duty to participate in the betterment of our communities. This is not simply altruism on our part, but also an investment in the world around us. We believe in building better responsibly, and we do so through our commitment to economic and workforce development, philanthropy, safety, health and wellness, innovation, collaboration, and ensuring we are environmentally conscious in all of our operations. Corporate Social Responsibility is not merely a department; it is the very DNA of our organization.

Building a Better Tomorrow

We believe that building green is building smart. We take pride in the fact that our headquarters in San Francisco was the first LEED EB Gold commercial office building in California, and our San Diego office has been certified as a LEED Platinum building. As part of our company’s CSR philosophy, Swinerton supports and encourages all efforts to reduce the environmental impact of our projects. We have established green building practices and continually educate our clients, subcontractors, and consultants about methods that can mitigate the impact our work has on the environment.