628 Employees. 628 Owners

Better jobs and cleaner power for our communities.

Safer employees. Happier families.

Over 5 GW built. Over 2 billion LBS CO2 saved.

Swinerton's COVID-19 Management Plan

The health and welfare of our employees, and all individuals associated to our business, remains our highest priority. As concerns continue to grow related to COVID-19 outbreak, Swinerton Renewable Energy and SOLV have an up-to-date COVID-19 management plan in place to support our teams.

A group of employees - arms raised, flexing, covered in mud - peacock for the camera

Providing Positive Energy

At Swinerton Renewable Energy, we're 100% employee-owned. Every individual is invested and passionate about improving our home through high quality renewable energy. That’s why we’re able to build and manage better utility, commercial, energy storage and high voltage substation solar installations. Each project is an opportunity to provide cleaner power, better jobs, greater education and a brighter future for our community.

Powered By Our People

We are Swinerton Renewable Energy

The level of service at Swinerton Renewable Energy is very high. They will do things for us that would result in a change order from other companies. With Swinerton it's just part of the relationship. Ed Feo Coronal Energy