Swinerton Renewable Energy Hires Craig Horne to Lead Energy Storage Expansion


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San Diego, July 31, 2018 – Swinerton Renewable Energy (SRE), recently named the No. 1 solar contractor in the United States by Solar Power World, is pleased to welcome Craig R. Horne to the SRE team. Horne will spearhead SRE’s energy storage business in the utility, commercial and operations and maintenance (O&M) services segments.

Craig R. Horne joins Swinerton Renewable Energy as Senior Director, Energy Storage and brings to the new position 25 years of experience with energy storage systems including flow, lead-acid and lithium-ion batteries. He joins SRE from Renewable Energy Systems (RES) where he developed new international markets for storage, worked to bring new technologies to RES’s portfolio, evaluated project performance and expanded the company’s storage business models. Horne is also Chair of the Energy Storage Association (ESA) and has served on the board since 2014. He has been active participant in advancing energy storage initiatives in the U.S. for over a decade and holds a Ph.D. in Material Science and Engineering from UC Berkeley.

Swinerton Renewable Energy is a leading solar EPC and O&M service provider with over 3.5 GWs installed and 4.5 GWs under management. In 2017, SRE launched a High-Voltage and Interconnection group based in Raleigh, North Carolina. The company’s entry into the energy storage market is in response to growing demand for flexible, affordable storage solutions that can be dispatched when demand for electricity is high.

As Senior Director, Horne will develop storage solutions and business models that leverage Swinerton Renewable Energy’s extensive experience in the utility, commercial and services markets to deploy integrated energy storage systems in the U.S. Horne will work across SRE’s pre-construction, engineering, procurement, construction and services groups to establish streamlined approaches to solar-storage hybridization.

“I’m thrilled to join SRE and spearhead our entry into the energy storage market. Storage has proven to be an invaluable tool for utilities and network operators while solar has emerged as the lowest-cost generation option in many parts of North America,” said Horne. “The hybridization of these two resources will revolutionize network operations and grid markets. As a leading solar EPC and O&M service provider, SRE is uniquely positioned at the forefront of renewable energy’s next stage.”

“Storage is increasingly emerging as a vital component of optimized renewable energy systems and Swinerton is well-positioned to meet the needs of our changing energy landscape,” said George Hershman, President of Swinerton Renewable Energy. “Craig brings to the team over two decades of experience in energy storage technologies and is a recognized leader in the storage space. With his leadership, we look forward to offering even greater value to our clients across the full project-cycle.”


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