Swinerton Renewable Energy hosts BBQ for employees


Originally published in the LaFayette Sun on August 29, 2017. Written by Bill Frazer. To access the full article, visit:

Last Saturday, Swinerton Renewable Energy hosted a barbecue for its employees who are working on the construction of a giant solar energy project in the south city limits of LaFayette, AL. The event was held at the local American Legion post located 3 miles west of the solar project.

It was a wonderful event. Over the years of attending barbecues at various government and church locations, this was the best staged event that I have ever attended. As an invited guest, I was surprised at not only the beauty of the location but at the quality and the comforts, allowing you to enjoy the food prepared.

The 40 acre location owned by the American Legion has a 6 acre lake with well-kept grassy areas around the water. The physical facility has a huge dining room, a large serving room and a spacious kitchen. In other words, there was no need to try and eat outside in the heat with all the insects. A few of the 300+ employees and guest contractors chose to carry-out the meal, but most sat comfortably in the air conditioned dining room and thoroughly enjoyed their meal. Considering the fact the employees had already spent half of the day on the job while exposed to 90 degree heat, this was a real treat to dine in comfortable surroundings.

Another plus for the attendees at the barbecue was the adequate parking space. To carry out an event with this many parking places needed is generally a problem for the crowd in attendance. Not so at this location, as you were able to park comfortably close to the food service area.

The local American Legion members prepared the food. This was not a catered event; the meal was prepared mostly on site by members of the American Legion. The chipped barbecue was unusually good as it was obvious that not only was the meat specially selected but prepared as well. The baked beans cooked with bacon were especially tasty. The slaw was fresh and very good. The variety of cakes and pies and desserts were impressive and very delicious. There were fresh strawberries on the serving table that allowed you to make your own strawberry short cake, including whipped cream.

I don’t know about the employees, but as for me, I would like to attend this kind of barbecue more often. Thank you Swinerton Renewable Energy for providing this treat to your hard working employees. Thanks to Curtis Adams and members of the LaFayette American Legion Post for a wonderful job of meal preparation.

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