David's Harp Foundation

David's Harp Foundation's mission is to inspire, educate and empower at-riskĀ and homeless youth through music and multimedia arts. David's Harp is one of many organizations promoting youth leadership and education that SRE stands behind in the form of volunteer hours and grants through the Swinerton Foundation.

Inspiration Through Music Education

We are proud to count SOLV's own Brandon Valencia as a devoted David's Harp Foundation volunteer. Brandon serves as an educator, producer and engineer to youth in San Diego. Inspired by his service, Swinerton Renewable Energy was honored with the opportunity to serve as a judge at the Foundation's Annual Open House in Spring 2019, featuring student performances, a hip hop competition and a chance for the community to experience the impact music has on the lives of at-risk and homeless youth. A recipient of grants from the Swinerton Foundation, we look forward to partnering with the David's Harp Foundation on future events in San Diego.