Chris Luton Operations

Chris Luton Operations

What is your role with SOLV? Field Manager in the Antelope Valley Region

What project are you most proud of? All of them. Our team takes pride in all the sites in our portfolio from the small 1MW sites to the 275MW Springbok sites.

Why do you think people like working at SOLV? The challenges and family-like environment. 

What was the most unexpectedly interesting place you’ve traveled to for work? 29 Palms, CA. Arriving on site I managed to get my truck stuck in sand and fixed 3 offline inverters all in my first month on the job. Fun day. 

Have you ever been on TV? Yes, we were riding BMX bikes in Los Angeles and managed to get on a country music video that was filming in the area. 

If you could learn to do any one thing instantly, what would it be? Ride a dirt bike better

If you were asked to teach a class on any topic, what class would you teach? Evolution vs. Creation

What’s one of your favorite phrases or quotes? ” If he dies …. He dies” Rocky 4