Meagan Jones SOLV Business Operations Coordinator

Meagan Jones SOLV Business Operations Coordinator

What is your role with SOLV? I am a Business Operations Coordinator for SOLV.

What is something you've never done but would like to try? I’m looking forward to learning how to snowboard this year. 

What's one weird (or unique) thing about you? I am the first born, and only girl, out of 9 children on my mother’s side of my family.

Where did you grow up? I spent a few years living in San Jose, but for the bulk of my childhood I lived in Del Paso Heights/Sacramento, CA. 

What part of a kids’ movie completely scarred you? There is a scene in “The Brave Little Toaster” where the group of home appliance friends are sinking in quicksand, I always found that scene to be disturbing.