Reegan Moen Business Development Manager, SOLV

Reegan Moen Business Development Manager, SOLV

What's your favorite thing about your role in SOLV? Being able to talk to new clients about a service I’m very proud of and the incredible SOLV team responsible for making it happen!  

What motivates you to succeed? A number of people rely on me for their jobs and future opportunity…I want to expand our footprint and grow our markets so SOLV can continue to be successful. I’m helping to build something greater than me or any one person can build. These projects, contracts and some team members will be here much longer than my time at SOLV and I want to help ensure a solid base has been built.

How many flights have you taken for work in the past year? 58 flights…roughly 29 trips. Maybe more?

What was your dream job when you were growing up? Farmer/Rancher. My father farmed the land and had cattle for 45+ years. We still have a small farm of 1,000 acres in MN.

Who in your life has influenced you the most? Hands down…my Dad.

What public figure or celebrity would you like to meet for a cup of coffee? Justin Trudeau. I’ve heard him speak in person and was impressed with how humble, articulate and thankful he is for the opportunity he’s been given to be a leader and to be a husband and dad as well. He understands that diversity around the table makes the team better and being able to ‘listen’ has been a key attribute in his success. He has an incredible personality and responsibility but is modest enough to know it’s about serving the people. His days are booked with face to face meetings and phone calls but each day, he carves out time for his family and gets enough sleep for a great work-life balance. Not to mention, he knows how to lace ‘em up and hit a slap shot.