Scott Stites Director of Preconstruction

Scott Stites Director of Preconstruction

What words describe what it's like working for SRE? Collaborative, supportive, diverse

What motivates you in your work? Knowing that I can provide support to the group to achieve a common goal

What was your first job? I was mowing lawns independently by the time I was nine, which probably wasn't the safest vocation but it was Kansas.

Have you ever been on TV? I was interviewed before a KU vs. K-State football game - probably not my finest hour.

What's one thing you're better at than most people? I was the First Chair trumpet player in my hometown for years as a kid, but got burnt out by the time I was in college. I've always been an expert doodler, though I like to call it "aspiring tattoo artist." Not sure how I ended up with an engineering degree...

If you could be any person for a day, who would you be? For perspective, probably one of the Apostles. Preferably not on their last day, unless it was John.