Steven Walquist Solar Technician 1

Steven Walquist Solar Technician 1

What is your role with SOLV? I’m a SOLV field Technician

What’s the coolest thing you’ve ever worked on? Helping manage a sulfuric acid electrowinning copper leach plant construction project and operation at CS Mining in Milford Utah.

What was the most unexpectedly interesting place you’ve traveled to for work? When I worked for a small solar company in Utah we got to see all kinds of interesting places we wouldn’t have been able to otherwise. We even got to power an event at Zion National Park that Laura Bush spoke at and we had the opportunity to meet her.

Where did you grow up? San Diego

What was your dream job when you were growing up? An astronaut

What's one weird (or unique) thing about you? I survived a plane crash in the mountains.