Tifiney Rey SH&E Safety Manager

Tifiney Rey SH&E Safety Manager

What is your role with SRE/SOLV? Division Safety Manager SOLV/EPC

Why do you think people like working at SRE/SOLV? It’s a family more than a job. I’ve made friends from all over our company and those relationships have helped me grow professionally and help other employees.

What’s the most important lesson you’ve learned in the past year? Know your trade. When someone comes to you with a question, have the answer. If you don’t, use it as a learning experience and find it.

What was the most unexpectedly interesting place you’ve traveled to for work? Working at the Jacumba job site. It was interesting to be by the Mexico border.

Where did you grow up? Wenatchee, Washington, the apple capital of the world.

What celebrity do people say you look like? Pink

What is one thing you’re better at than most other people? Empathizing and bringing a solution instead of a problem. Don’t pass on a problem, find the solution and bring them in tandem to the table.

What is your favorite sports team? The Seattle Seahawks!!  GO Hawks.